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Your podcast is how you share your thoughts and ideas with the world. You might have a large audience now, but in order to reach even more people, you should create podcast transcripts.

If you’re interested in transcribing your podcast, turn to Transcription Canada where a podcast transcriber can convert your podcast to text.



Why Should You Hire us Podcast Transcription?

How can the decision to transcribe your podcast boost your audience? There are a few reasons why audio transcription allows you to expand your horizons.  Our services are used for dictations, focus groups, interviews, polls, media presentations, speaker events, research proceedings and more.

For starters, turning audio to text makes your content more accessible. People who have visual impairment may be able to hear the podcast, though what about the hearing impaired? A transcript of your podcast enables them to read it and gain the same knowledge they would if they were listening.

Secondly, some people learn and retain information better when they read it as opposed to listening. And listening to a podcast isn’t always convenient. Your audience members might be in a situation where they can’t put a pair of headphones in and tune into you exclusively. A transcript of the recording lets them feel as though they’re not missing out.

A third reason to transcribe your podcast has to do with search engines. Posting the transcript of your podcast lets search engines index the content. So, interested audiences will be able to find your podcast as the result of their web search. If you don’t post a transcript of your podcast, search engines can’t find it – they can’t find audio results.

We employ word processing experts who undergo a rigorous training process. In addition, we make it easy to upload audio files, and our secure servers are located in Canada. We have many satisfied customers in a range of industries. To receive a quote, contact Transcription Canada at (647)278-6672 or [email protected]

Need Help?

Working in documentary film making, transcripts are essential to building your story's narrative. I've used many transcription service providers in the past but after working with My Other Office, they have become my go-to provider for transcription. They are reliable, fast and customer-oriented and I'm happy to have found them!
My Other Office I have nothing but good things to say they did an amazing job on the transcripts, they were done accurately and professionally and they were very pleasant at all times, I would definitely recommend them.
My other office provides an amazing service with high quality. They are always on time and within budget. It has saved me valuable time and I would recommend them to anyone. Terrific job!
I've got nothing but good things to say about these guys. The transcripts are always accurate and delivered on time, even when I need something done on an urgent basis. Very professional and lovely to deal with as well.
Excellent and very professional customer service. The transcript was done accurately and delivered on such short notice. I would highly recommend this company.


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