Interview Transcription Services

Our interview transcripts are high quality and accurate

Interviews are conversations between two or more people. An interview transcript records this conversation word for word. At Transcription Canada, we can document your interview in real time or from an audio or video recording. We provide high-quality interview transcription services for our clients. And we guarantee accuracy every time.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We ensure transcripts always meet your expectations. And we back all our work with a 99% accuracy guarantee. That means you’ll never have to edit your interview transcript. Our transcribers are professionally trained and experienced. They pay close attention to details and deliver transcripts on time. We also offer fast turnaround times to meet clients’ needs.

Our prices are affordable and competitive. And we discuss pricing and turnaround times with clients up front— so they always know what to expect. Our team is available to answer your questions and will guide you through the transcription process.

We understand that interview transcripts must remain confidential. And we protect your privacy with strict security measures. Rest assured, your data will always be safe with us. Our transcribers sign confidentiality agreements. We also upload all transcripts to our secure file server. We are a Canadian transcription company, and our transcribers are Canadian. That means your transcripts will never leave the country.

Who are Our Clients?

We provide services to clients in a variety of industries

Our clients are varied and diverse. They include professors, graduate students, market researchers, teachers, writers, consultants, insurance providers, attorneys, preachers, psychologists and psychiatrists and more.

HR consultants and executives often conduct interviews. And they may need written transcripts to protect against future misrepresentation.

We have many academic clients. Transcription Canada follows University ethics confidentiality agreements closely. And we provide a big academic discount. We accept payment from University grants or finance— with no upfront payment required. Our clients have complete control over what is and is not included in their transcripts. And we offer de-identification/anonymization options.

Interview transcripts can be useful for writers, academics, researchers or legal professionals. We can help you write your book, work on your thesis, conduct research or take a deposition.

Our Projects

We have done many interview transcription projects over the years. Some of these projects are listed below.

  • One to one interviews
  • Podcast transcriptions
  • Business meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Legal interviews
  • Telephonic interviews
  • University lectures
  • Market research interviews
  • Depositions/dictations
  • Press briefings
  • Confidentiality Promises

Getting Started

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Many of our clients are repeat customers— they trust us to meet their needs every time.

Request Quote

Simply request a quote and receive an email estimate based on your selected turnaround time, audio quality, verbatim vs. intelligent, time-coding, or multiple speakers.   

Upload File Audio/Video

We will send you a link to create a secure account where you can upload your audio or video file. Only the assigned transcribers will have access to your files.

Transcription Processing

Our project manager, Tekoa Sellars, will assign one of our experienced Canadian-based transcribers to deliver high-quality transcripts within the desired timeframe.

Quality & Accuracy

Upon completion, transcripts are uploaded to your account, or you will receive a secure link to download your transcripts in the required format.

Why Choose Us?

Choose a focus group transcription service you can trust


Transcription Canada has an award-winning reputation. We provide high-quality transcripts for a variety of clients. Our transcribers are highly trained professionals. And they have a minimum of five years’ experience. Customer service is our main priority. We’re always available by phone, email or chat. We provide transcripts of academic research interviews and focus groups, legal proceedings, business interviews and meetings, teleconferences, conference calls, seminars, presentations, and more.


All our transcripts have a 99.9% accuracy guarantee. So, your transcripts will always be top quality. Our transcribers are highly skilled professionals. They can capture complex accents and terminology, along with other details.


We follow strict security protocols. Your data will always be protected and will never leave the country. All our servers are Canadian and are HIPPA-compliant. We encrypt all clients’ data— so your privacy is ensured. We are a Canadian company, and all our transcribers are Canadian. Our clients have their own secure account, which can only be accessed by our team.


Our prices are the lowest in the industry— guaranteed. Ask us about our Best Price Guarantee. If you provide us with a quote from a Canadian competitor, we’ll beat it with a 5% discount. Our transcription rates start at $1.69 per minute. And we offer discounts for projects over 50 hours. We also offer Enterprise Solutions for large companies with regular, ongoing need for transcripts. We promise no surprise fees or hidden costs. And we provide fixed rates on delivery.


We will choose a turnaround time that meets your needs. And we always deliver projects on schedule. For large projects, we can often begin delivering files within three business days. Your transcripts will be uploaded to your user account when completed. If you don’t have a user account, files are delivered to you electronically.


Your data is always safe with us. We never outsource our clients’ data, and your privacy is guaranteed. Our transcription team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We also regularly sign NDA/Confidentiality Agreements with clients. If you have any concerns or requirements, please contact us. We can email you an NDA agreement upon request.

We work together with our clients to provide end-to-end solutions and improve workflow for transcription and court reporting.

Please email us if you have any concerns or requirements at or phone 647-278-6672.

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