Authorized Court Transcriptionist (ACT)

We deliver high quality, error-free legal and court transcripts

We have a reputation for excellence and a high level of customer satisfaction. We specialize in legal and court transcription and are well known in the industry. Our high level of customer satisfaction means clients keep returning to us. Legal professionals trust us to meet their needs every time. We accommodate all types of law firms— whether you’re a legal practice from a smaller firm, a specialist practice, or a large international law firm.

Every legal case has audio files. Many recordings accompany these cases— including judge decisions, spoken arguments by the litigants’ lawyers and statements of people involved in a dispute, to name a few. And these recordings need to be transcribed. Transcription Canada can transcribe all your audio files. Our Authorized Court Transcriptionist (ACT) team is highly trained and qualified.

Our team will transcribe your administrative hearings, arbitration hearings, conferences, correspondence, court hearings, depositions, interrogations, judicial hearings, meeting minutes, memorandums, public hearings, and wiretaps. And we guarantee accuracy every time.

Regulation of Authorized Court Transcription (ACT)

All our ACTs are authorized by the Ministry of the Attorney General

The Ministry of the Attorney General implemented a new model for producing court transcripts on June 9, 2014. This statutory provision states that “Where access is not restricted by a statutory provision, common law rule or court order, transcripts of in-court proceedings are available upon request and upon payment of a regulated fee.”
Authorized Court Transcriptionists (ACTs) are authorized by the Ministry of the Attorney General to produce certified transcripts of Ontario court proceedings. They have the specialized skill of verbatim transcription, which they bring to the judicial system.

Our team of professional court reporters and ACTs are authorized to produce certified transcripts. They are on the list of Authorized Court Transcriptionists.
Our team of ACTs can complete legal transcripts of your Landlord Tenant Board hearing, immigration hearing, or recorded audio for use as evidence at a hearing or trial. Every transcript we complete is authorized and certified by a skilled ACT who guarantees that your transcripts are perfectly accurate.

Here are some examples of certified transcripts we provide

  • Administrative hearings
  • Arbitration hearings
  • Conferences
  • Correspondence
  • Court hearings
  • Depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Canada Immigration & Refuge Hearings
  • Public hearings
  • Judicial hearings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Memorandums
  • Examinations in correctional institutions
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Board of Director and AGM meetings
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Wiretaps

Authorized Court Transcription (ACT) Rates

Transcription Canada provides cost-effective and reliable legal transcription services.

The rates for legal transcripts, which are regulated by Ontario Regulation 94/14 Fees for Court Transcripts , can be found here. Our rates start at $4.30 per page. Expedited service increases costs, along with photocopies, printed copies, binding and delivery.

Ordering Instructions:
Please download and send us a completed copy of the ordering form when you are ready to proceed. All aspects of the ordering—including availability to produce the transcript within the required timeline, deposits, payment and delivery options — are arranged and agreed upon directly between clients and Transcription Canada.

Transcription Security & Confidentiality
Transcription Canada ensures that only those working on your transcript file have access to your confidential data. We never outsource our services and every court reporter and ACT is a native English speaker. We maintain your privacy and security with our fully secure, encrypted audio file management system. Our team is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before accessing confidential data or documents. Transcription Canada has a standard Confidentiality Agreement it can provide clients.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on customer service, security and quality control. And we offer guaranteed accuracy for all court transcripts. Prior to starting your project, we will establish an achievable deadline, and ensure we meet the timelines agreed upon. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that your certified court transcripts are accurate. Our highly experienced ACTs make this process hassle-free. Our clients keep returning to us, because we offer them reliable, consistent and high-quality results with every project.


We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security, confidentiality and privacy required. Transcription Canada is 100% HIPPA/HITECH compliant, and all our data is encrypted. Our security measures include audit trails, strict authentication protocols, and more. Transcription Canada’s team is authorized to handle Ontario court transcripts.


Court transcripts require precision and attention to detail. Our meticulous attention to detail, efficiency and quality is guaranteed. We value accuracy above all else. Transcription Canada’s quality control process involves high-quality standards. We carefully verify that every document reflects the verbatim court proceeding transcript provided.


Our court reporters and ACTs are highly trained professionals. They possess extensive legal knowledge. Every court transcriber is familiar with the unique language and terminology in the legal industry, and has at least five-years experience. They can expertly transcribe all levels of court proceedings.

Contact us today for voice to text or audio to text services. Request a quote, personalized demo, or free trial. Our friendly and qualified transcribers are ready to answer any questions you might have. We’re happy to provide additional information about our 100% HIPAA compliant speech-to-text transcription process. Our company is Toronto based, and provides transcription services to clients anywhere in North America.

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