Audio Transcription Services

Our mission is simple: we provide clients with accurate and timely audio transcription and court reporting services. We use the latest technology and best talent to meet this goal.

Audio transcription is one of our specialties. Our audio transcripts are always precise and completed on time. We have a team of highly skilled, professional transcribers to meet your needs. We offer a variety of audio transcript services you can trust.

Transcribing audio recordings is time consuming. And it can use a lot of resources— resources that could be better used elsewhere. Your time and resources are valuable. Transcription companies offer you the perfect solution. Hiring Transcription Canada can save you time and is cost-effective for your company.

We hire the best transcribers in the industry. They are highly experienced and efficient. Our team quickly transcribes audio recordings into word-for-word text documents. And we guarantee accuracy every time. Our turnaround times are fast— that means clients get a rapid return on their investment.

Quality and accuracy are essential. That’s why we never use automatic transcription or speech recognition software. Our team of professionals expertly transcribe each document. This guarantees your transcripts are perfect and error-free. We also meet the latest industry standards.

Client support is always a priority. We take the time to answer all your questions. And we address your inquiries in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is always available to meet your needs.

Do you need audio or verbatim transcription services? We provide these services to clients in a range of industries— including medical, legal, business, IT, finance, insurance, and many more. Our services are used for dictations, focus groups, interviews, polls, media presentations, speaker events, research proceedings and more.

Getting Started

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Many of our clients are repeat customers— they trust us to meet their needs every time.

Request Quote

Simply request a quote and receive an email estimate based on your selected turnaround time, audio quality, verbatim vs. intelligent, time-coding, or multiple speakers.   

Upload File Audio/Video

We will send you a link to create a secure account where you can upload your audio or video file. Only the assigned transcribers will have access to your files.

Transcription Processing

Our project manager, Tekoa Sellars, will assign one of our experienced Canadian-based transcribers to deliver high-quality transcripts within the desired timeframe.

Quality & Accuracy

Upon completion, transcripts are uploaded to your account, or you will receive a secure link to download your transcripts in the required format.

Why Choose Us?

We have many years’ experience and a proven track record. We have transcribed thousands of documents over the years for a variety of clients. Transcription Canada provides efficient service, great customer care and guarantees quality. That’s why we stand out among transcription companies.


We have an award-winning reputation for excellent service. We provide quality transcripts of academic research interviews and focus groups, legal proceedings, business interviews and meetings, teleconferences, conference calls, seminars and presentations. We offer clients superior customer service. Our team is available by phone, email or chat. Our transcribers have a minimum of five years’ experience.


We guarantee quality and accuracy every time. Our transcribers capture complex accents and terminology in every speech to text file. We back all our work with a 99.9% accuracy guarantee.


Security is our number one priority. We ensure all data is protected with strict security measures. Our servers are HIPPA compliant and all our data is encrypted— so your data is always safe. All our transcripts are produced right here in Canada. We have a Canadian server, which means data never leaves the country. Our company is Canadian based, and all our transcribers are located in Canada. Each client has their own account, which can only be accessed by our team.


We guarantee the lowest rates for Canadian transcription and court reporting services. We offer a Best Price Guarantee. Our rates start at $1.69 per minute. Discounts are applied to projects over 50 hours in length. If you provide us with a quote from a Canadian competitor, we will beat their price with a 5% discount. We have no surprise fees or hidden costs. We also offer a fixed rate for delivery.


We’ll agree on a schedule and a delivery time that meets your needs— based on your selected turnaround time. Often, on large projects, we can begin delivering files within three business days. If you do not have a user account, files are delivered electronically. Otherwise, files are uploaded to your user account when completed.


Transcription Canada never outsources files, and your privacy is guaranteed. Our transcription team signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and we also routinely sign an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement with your organization. We can email you an NDA agreement upon request.

We work together with our clients to provide end-to-end solutions and improve workflow for transcription and court reporting.

Please email us if you have any concerns or requirements at or phone 647-278-6672.

Audio File Formats

Transcription Canada works quickly and efficiently. Do you need an audio transcription within a few days? Let us know. We will work with you to meet your needs. And we never sacrifice quality— your transcript is guaranteed to be accurate. Upload a digital version of your recording to our server, and we will take care of the rest. Or, if you prefer, we can set up a secure personal account for file uploads.

We have a proven track record and an excellent reputation with clients. We always meet deadlines—whether the turnaround time is a few days or a few weeks. Contact our audio transcription team today with any questions about our services, pricing or quality guarantee.

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